May is National Community Action Month

National Community Action Month in May is a public awareness campaign created by the national office of the Community Action Partnership to highlight Community Action Agencies’ role helping low-income families move out of poverty and achieve economic security.  Each year, Community Action Agencies serve 20 million people in rural, suburban, and urban communities across the country through a variety of targeted programs, such as Head Start, Weatherization, job training and placement, financial education, housing, energy assistance, and transportation.

 During National Community Action Month, Community Action Agencies truly make the Promise of Community Action—to help people and change lives—come alive by hosting events that help put a “face” on the families and individuals living in poverty and the dedicated Community Action staff and volunteers who are helping them escpae it and achieve economic security. Success stories are honored and personal achievements are recognized.  Some governors, mayors, and other elected officials even proclaim May “Community Action Month” in their states, cities and counties.

 Community Action Agencies also use National Community Action Month to call attention to poverty-related problems.  As Community Action Agencies are showcasing their programs, they are also giving local residents—many who are unaware of the poverty in their communities—a first-hand look at the struggles low-income families face and how Community Action programs help them.

 For more information on National Community Action Month, Community Action Partnership, and Community Action Agencies, go to or follow the organization on Twitter, @CAPartnership.


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